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Why Would You Shadowban?

Shadow banning is also known as stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting. It is the practice of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content for violating the terms and conditions of your commenting policy. Shadow banning takes on different formats on different platforms, and it is all to do with content. The main issue is obviously with the content that you put out, and as long as it is in direct violation of the content policy of such platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you will face issues. This practice certainly is required given the fact that there is so much abuse present online, which leads to quite a degree of issues for any audience. With blogging taking off quite seriously, and with many bloggers carving a niche for themselves, it comes as no surprise that having a feature like shadow banning on their blog makes a great deal of sense.

Online abuse even when it comes to news sites and blogs is also widespread, and this is what would lead any blog or site owner to NOT have a commenting platform. One such famous individual would be Seth Godin who does not have a commenting system on his highly popular blog. That said Not having a commenting platform is something that is not advisable since such a plugin is a mandatory requirement to ensure that your site achieves a great deal of credibility.

There are a variety of permissions that new and intuitive commenting platforms have. A shadow ban in the world would blog commenting would be one where the user sees his own comment, but no one else does since it is deleted. Profanity, vulgarity, and music plagiarism are just some of the reasons to incur a shadow ban. While there is a certain segment of online society that would scream that it is over-policing, it is something that is required to ensure the health of a conversation.

The question arises as to why you would shadow ban a user or commentor on your site or blog. The reasons are few. One reason is that you should shadow ban since it can help minimize the damage wreaked by spammers. While shadow bans will frequently be used in forums and on other social networks as an alternative to banning someone outright. The second reason to enact a shadow ban is based on the rt of quiet diplomacy. Instead of banning a user outright what a shadow ban does is that based on the lack of engagement, the user leaves on his own volition.

This is certainly a better practice than outright banning of a commenter. Consider it almost a best practice that will allow you to ensure that you keep your blog or site ‘less hated’ by those who don’t agree with whatever stance you keep with regard to your content. This is something that you should opt for by choosing a forward-thinking wordpress commenting plugin that can assist you in ensuring that you keep a sense of community and credibility alive.

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