How to enjoy game nights during the pandemic?

Scrabble is a very popular game for the longest time and loved by people of every age all around the world. Although everyone knows the basic rules of scrabble, it can sometimes be quite confusing. It is basically a game where players earn points by constructing new words with letter tiles that have been given. While each letter has a different value, the grid on the board also has several pointing systems. However, with the pandemic hitting the world with a surprise, these game nights with friends and family are no more a feasible option. Nevertheless, that does not mean you have to stop the game night altogether.

Alternatives games during the pandemic

Recently, mobile technology has been on the rise. The lockdown has fixed everyone at their homes and taken away all social interactions. However, with the internet and phone technology building new applications and ways for people to communicate all throughout the world, this is not a problem you can’t overcome anymore. With the free multiplayer word game available in the play store, it is very easy to connect to your friends and play around with them. Not only that, if your friends are busy and you are getting bored, you can also join an ongoing game with a random player from across the world.

These games come with real-time multiplayer features and gameplay that only the very skilled can conquer. Not only that, but much like the board game, such apps are also made for people of all ages, meaning, they have an easily navigable user-interface challenging levels that combine both word mastery and strategy. You can also play with 2-4 players, either in teams or against each other, to see who wins each round more.

Why should you encourage you, children, to play word games?

Playing games have always been seen as a waste of time by parents. However, online scrabble can be a lot different. In this 4 players word game, not only is your kid learning more words and improving his vocabulary but is also having fun at the same time, so you know he will never complain about learning again. With the multiplayer feature, your kid will learn how to be more social as well, meeting new people and playing with them. However, if you find them getting too distracted, you can assign a particular day as game day with family and friends, so your child knows that is the only day he gets to play the games.

That said, downloading a word game now should sound like a boon to your boring days at home. Not only that, but it helps you keep in touch with your friends while not having to go out of the house which is a serious advantage considering the pandemic at hand.