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Why is Palma favorite among the tourists and where to visit in Palma?

Mallorca is a country of culture, food, literature, music, fashion and revolution and along with that it has amazing natural beauty. The largest city of the country is Palma and it the capital of the country as well. The city has diverse culture and to witness it thousands of tourists come to visit the city every year. The country’s revenue is earned through tourism and why not the place is worth travelling. The, article is going to tell you about places are visit in Palma.

Idea about Palma’s most visited places

Visiting La Seu Cathedral

One of the best spot of Palma is La Seu Cathedral, it is a historical place. The King Jaime II built the Cathedral and it is in the old town. The architecture of the building is Gothic as it Roman Catholic Church and it is 44 meter tall. It is the second highest cathedral in the world.

Visiting Casco Antiguo

If you want to explore Palma then visiting Casco Antiguo will help you to know the city more. You need to have a map with you so that you do not get lost in the city. In order to vist the place you need to walk because the streets are narrow so now car will drive you to the place. And while taking a tour at Casco Antiguo you should not miss the Bishop’s Garden.

Visiting Calle Apuntadores

In order to get the experience of Spain’s backstreet, you need to visit Calle Apuntadores. You will get number of pubs and restaurants. So, the people who are looking for Spanish cuisine will get the real taste there. You will also find luxury hotels in that area.

Exploring Borne

The most gorgeous street of Palma is Borne. You will find array of trees beside the road and at night the street is all decked up with lights. It is a street where you can shop your heart out and you will get different kinds of brands from luxury to budget.

Walking through Via Verí

The most charming lane of the Palma is Via Verí. You will get a quintessential vive of the city as the houses are old and the lane is the destination for the art lover as there are numerous art galleries. So, if you are wondering what kind of Things to do in Palma then you can just visit the local art galleries.

It is evident that Palma has different appeal for its tourist. It is a place where history and modern culture co-exist. You will find historical monuments, along with urban taste of modern Mallorca. So, choosing Palma is the best for your upcoming vacation.

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