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What are the various types of real estate agents available in the market?

While dealing with properties in the market, it is quite common for you to stumble upon different kinds of real estate agents who offer their services from time to time. Often people get confused with these different kinds of realtors as they come with separate job descriptions. However, although they have their jobs different, yet they all fall into the big group of real estate agents. As a result, they all deal with the different kinds of deals with real estate properties. However, the primary difference lies in their job descriptions as they tend to deal with varying types of projects with diverse kinds of clients in the market.

So, here are few of the main types of real estate agents available in the market along with their job descriptions for your reference:


The realtors are the ones who have their licenses approved by the NAR and follow a specific code of ethics. They generally own firms that employ different real estate agents and bring them together with the sellers and the buyers for successful property dealings. They also manage the rental properties of their clients along with marketing the properties for a commission in the market.


The real estate agents with a license for marketing as well as the selling of the properties are the brokers. They do not require any kind of employment by any firm to carry out their work as they can work solely or with a company as needed. In general, the brokers always do their market research to deal with properties and provide all the necessary services regarding the same to their clients in the market.

Seller’s agent

The seller’s agent is the typical estate agent that sells your property off and charges a commission fee for the successful sale. They help you to list the property with multiple listing databases and thereby contribute to driving the potential buyers towards your property in the market. The services provided by these professionals include the negotiation of the price, studying the market trends, giving a tour of the properties to the buyers and thereby help one to sell my house fast Florida much faster and with maximum profits.

Apart from these types, you can also come across the agents who are solely known as the buyer’s agents as they work with the buyer only. In such cases, they help their clients to get exclusive deals of properties in and around their specific locations within their affordable price ranges. So, next time you think of hiring one for you, do check out their services thoroughly and proceed to get the maximum benefits.

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