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What are the things you need to know about essential oils?

If you are looking for a bit of luxury in life then you might encounter the term called essential oil. It is an item to pamper your body and mind in the best possible way. In aroma therapy there is an extensive use of essential oils and people opt for the therapy as self-indulgence. Although, the essential oils are not used in aroma therapy, but also in medicines and in cosmetic products; often people use it as diffuser in the room. The article is going to discuss about the details of essential oils.

Idea about essential oils

Essential oils are pure plant extract; basically the oils are the chemical compounds that have the essence of the particular plant. The professional people use distillation method in the laboratory to take out the oil from the plants’ specific part. You need to know that one should not apply essential oil directly to the body and hard. You need to mix the product with carrier oil so that it does not irritate your skin and hair. If you are using it as diffuser then you can use it raw.

While you are using the essential oil, you need to follow certain instructions to get the best effect. You should use the oil not more than 2 to 3 drops as the oil is concentrated. If you are using it with your night cream then you should add one drop and if you are using it during bathing then you can use it up to 3 drops. If you use the oil correctly then you will get to relax at home and you do not have to visit any spa.

Types of essential oils

When it comes to the types of essential oils, there are approximately 90 types of essential oils. Every essential oil has different smell and different health benefit; and you need to know that before you go to buy the Best Essential Oil Brands UK. Among the 90 types of essential oils 10 oils are very common in the market. The peppermint oil is useful for uplifting energy; the lavender oil on the other hand helps to release stress.

The sandalwood essential oil helps in calming the nerves. The rose essential oil helps to reduce anxiety, and chamomile oil relaxes body and mind. The tea tree oil is very common in boosting immunity; The Ylang-Ylang is useful for reducing headache. The jasmine oil is used for improving the libido and the lemon grass oil uplifts the mood.

If you are looking for buying any of these, then you need to find a reputed brand that sells reliable product in the market.

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