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What are the things you must check before hiring a furnace repairing company?

You cannot afford to keep a broken furnace in the home during the chilly winter months. If your furnace does not provide enough heat during the winter months, you should definitely get it checked by the professionals. But, before doing that, you can check it yourself to see whether you need professional help at all or not. There are many times when the problem lies with the settings or something minor that you can fix, such as the following.

Check the thermostat

Many homeowners end up making the mistake of keeping the wrong settings on the thermostat on their furnace. The thermostat has to be set to heat, and this is the first thing to check out while trying to troubleshoot the furnace on your own. There are times when settings get changed or moved accidentally at the time of cleaning the house, perhaps. It will take about a minute or so for the heat to kick in, so wait for a while.

Check the filter

Issues with the filter are highly common for furnaces, and it generally happens because the homeowners tend to forget all about it. A filter cleans the air that enters the furnace and the air that goes into the surroundings. The airflow gets compromised when the filter is dirty and clogged, which makes the heat and pressure build-up in your furnace. Many of the modern furnaces shut down when too much dirt builds up, but the older ones need regular checking and maintenance.

Check the batteries

In most of the furnace models, you get the thermostats wired to the electrical system of the home. But, some furnaces run on batteries. You need to understand the way your furnace gets powered. Check for the low-battery signs if the furnace uses batteries. Many a time, you only need to change the batteries, and there is no need to repair the furnace.

Check the power issues

If your furnace runs on electricity, you need to check the fan switch off the thermostat. It usually says ‘auto’ or ‘on.’ The auto settings mean the fan goes on as soon as the furnace gets turned on. You can troubleshoot by turning this switch to ‘on.’ If the fan works fine, then you can be assured that there is no issue with the power supply. You can get in touch with Toronto Air Conditioning & Furnace Repair at 416-962-5678 and for any furnace issues and installations in Scarborough, East York, Richmond Hill, North York, and Vaughan.

So, try out the tips given above and see if you can fix the issue with your furnace. Do not forget to call the professionals if the issue persists.

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