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What are the steps for maintaining a commercial ice machine?

The maintenance of commercial ice machines is important regardless of whether it is being used at a restaurant or a residential care home. It will make sure that the machine works to its utmost capacity, and serves for a longer span of time. You need to clean and sanitize the machines at least two to four times every year. However, this one is a general recommendation, and you should consult your user manual for specific instructions in this matter. Given below is a step by step guide to cleaning and sanitizing your ice machine.

Steps to clean your commercial ice machine

• Remove all the ice from the dispenser and bin of the ice makers. Press the power button once for one harvest cycle to fall in the bin, and let the ice melt.

• Press the wash or clean button for sending water into the unit through the dump valve. Let the water trough refill and put it in the cleaning solution.

• Use the right amount of ice and cleaning solution and let the cleaning cycle complete.

• Turn the power of the machine off after the cleaning cycle gets over. Remove the internal components to clean them.

• Clean the removed internal components with a half-and-half mix of warm water and a cleaner.

• Use the rest of the solution for cleaning the food zone parts of the machine.

• Rinse all the areas and components of the machine.

• Wash the exteriors and wipe down the entire machine. Use water and mild detergent solution for removing any greasy grime on the outer surface.

Steps to sanitize your commercial ice machine

• Follow the instructions of the user manual for creating a tepid water and sanitizer solution for your ice machine

• Sanitize the removed parts and put the solutions on the surface and let them soak

• Sanitize all the food zone parts of the machine and reinstall the removed components

• Give the solution twenty minutes to do its work

• Power up the ice machine and hit the wash or clean cycle button

• After the water trough gets filled and the indication to add chemical comes on, send some sanitizer through the water trough

• Reset the commercial ice machine to start producing ice after the sanitation cycle gets completed. It usually takes about twenty minutes

• Dispose of the first batch of ice after sanitization. Keep an eye on the freezing and harvest cycles right after you complete the entire maintenance process

This is a basic guideline on the steps you can take to maintain your commercial ice machine. You will get some details about the cleaning and sanitizing process in the user manual that comes with your machine. Follow it closely to get the best results.

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