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What are the most important benefits of vitamin patches?

In the last couple of decades, a number of avenues have been explored to help people lead a better life. The wellness industry has attempted to create a range of unique products for meeting the needs of customers. Vitamin patches are one of those popular products that come with the promise of having a positive influence on people’s health and wellness. Also called transdermal patches, these are useful in delivering vitamin supplements directly in the bloodstream through the skin. The vitamin patches have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration. Here are the two important benefits of vitamin patches.

A considerably higher rate of absorption

Micro nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, have an important role to play in health and wellness. The vitamin industry has shown remarkable growth to keep up with the increasing demand from people. After all, vitamin products have become one of the most commonly consumed items in the past few decades. Vitamin supplements are primarily consumed through pills and tablets. However, the absorption rates of tablets are no match for vitamin patches.

Vitamin patches are adhesives that offer noticeable and measurable results in a short time. They do away with the need to rely on tablets and pills for vitamin supplementation. Vitamin patches retain ninety percent of the dosage compared to the thirty percent offered by the tablets.

Greater availability of active ingredients

The vitamin tablets and pills aim to improve health as well as address nutritional deficiencies. They help in a number of ways, and that includes boosting the immune system, repairing cellular damage, forming bones, converting food to energy, and so on. Thus, it is important to consume enough of the essential micro nutrients. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to weakness, fatigue, and a number of other diseases and defects.

Vitamin pills mainly have additives or non-active ingredients that make up about seventy percent of the tablets. The pills have artificial flavors and colors, lactose, cellulose, talc, preservatives, and other substances that help in binding the tablets to make it edible. So, only thirty percent of the components in a pill has the vitamins that the body can absorb after digestion.

Due to that reason, there is a need for vitamin supplements that come with the minimum ingredient composition and maximum capacity for absorption. In such a situation, vitamin patches are a healthier alternative with fewer fillers and greater bio-availability of vitamins. According to PatchMD, you get a higher dose of vitamins from the patches compared to pills.

It is important to keep in mind that you get your vitamin patches from a reputed manufacturer. Also, you should make sure to follow the instructions given on the package while using the vitamin patches.

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