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What are the important facts about ice and water dispensers?

A Water and Ice Dispenser is a machine that features a water dispenser that has an ice maker attached. In several models, the water and the ice dispenser are in a single unit. Several models require the installation of an ice machine. Ice gathers in a bin for dispensing. A lever mechanism or push-button dispenses water or ice in these machines. In Push-button systems the user must push a button. Most hotels use these machines. In lever systems, a lever is attached beneath the ice dispensing section. In these machines, the user need not touch the dispenser. The users’ glassware triggers the lever, and water and ice get dispensed straight into the glass.

Which Businesses have an Ice and Water Dispenser?

All businesses with low to moderate ice requirements and with a limited staff benefit from ice and water dispensers. A self-contained dispenser produces ice of some 100 to700 pounds in a day. Thus, large restaurants and sports bars will not get the amount of ice they need from an ice and water dispenser.

These dispensers have another plus point. It’s that they are self-serviceable. In cafes with not many serving staff, people can have their water and ice themselves. These ice machines are also useful for waiting rooms and offices. Patients and staff can have ice while waiting for their appointments or working.

The Benefits of a water and Ice Dispenser

A great benefit of this machine is safety. The users do not have to scoop ice from a bin. The ice is dispensed into glassware. Thus, there are lesser chances of contamination from the users’ hands.

This machine is also very convenient. Many restaurants and bars don’t let patrons scoop ice into glassware. They are free to retrieve the ice they want to their heart's content. Numerous customers prefer serving themselves instead of asking personnel to get the ice.

Most of these machines are sufficiently small to set up on top of a countertop. With a countertop ice maker, small business owners are free to set up an ice machine in places with restricted space. Even when the countertop space is not enough, these units can be set up on a specialty stand.

A great plus point of these ice dispensers is that they are a one-stop hydrating appliance. Patrons can have water whenever they feel thirsty and make it stay cold with ice while not having to move from a station to another.

These dispensers could suit businesses based on their ice needs. Business owners must determine the ice machine size and ice shape they need. The Ice Machine Experts of a premium ice machine company can size the ideal ice machine for all industries. They also do cleaning, preventive maintenance, and repairs at a reasonable monthly payment.

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