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What are the facts to know about artificial virginity hymen?

The hymen is a thin tissue inside the vaginal opening that differs in size and shape from one woman to another. In fact, some women have no hymen at all. However, the visual effect of the first-time penetrative (bleeding) is important for many people because it enhances their satisfaction after the act. You might have no or extremely thin hymen, or you might have lost your virginity before. Regardless of your situation, you can create the visual effects of virginity using the artificial virginity hymen products available in the market.

Understanding artificial virginity hymen products

Artificial virginity hymen is a translucent prosthetic membrane that has red natural food dye over self-dissolving cellulose. The dye looks exactly like blood, and the membrane self-dissolves fifteen minutes after its vaginal insertion. So, if you can put the artificial virginity hymen product in your vagina at the right time, you can actually make your partner feel like it’s your first encounter in life.

Are artificial virginity hymen products safe?

You will be putting that membrane inside your vagina, which is a highly sensitive part of your body. Naturally, you are worried whether the products are safe or not. The good news is that these products are absolutely safe for you and your partner. The red color might look like blood, but it’s nothing more than a natural food dye that is not going to harm you in any way.

It will not even come in the way of your pleasure. In fact, these products are made in a way that you wouldn’t even feel that they are inside your vagina.

How to use the artificial virginity hymen

It is easy to use the artificial virginity hymen products, which has added to its popularity. You will have to take out the product, and use your index finger to gently insert it inside your vagina. Remember that the artificial virginity hymens self-dissolve within ten to fifteen minutes. So, you will have to insert it at the right time, or else it might dissolve before the act.

There is no other instruction to be followed for the insertion of the product. But, if you still feel confused or unsure about how to use it, you can check out video guides that explain the usage or go through the user guide that comes with the artificial hymen.

So, that is all you need to know about using artificial virginity hymen products. Keep in mind that the purpose of the product is to give you a visual illusion of blood coming out of the vagina. It is not supposed to give you or your partner the sensation of breaking the hymen.

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