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What are the challenges of teaching special education students?

Ask a teacher, and he will tell you special education students could be challenging to work with. It involves paperwork and changing workloads. Some may not be happy with the appreciation they get for the hard work they do. Stress is inevitable in almost any teaching job and more so when tutoring special education students. Students who have special needs mostly require more care than other students to ensure their progress. Thus, they often have too many things to do at the same time. A great source of stress for teachers is the possibility of a student overreacting. What are the other challenges of teaching special education students?

The teacher has several roles

Special education teachers aren’t just classroom teachers. They’re community advocates and offer services for making children successful in life. The job has numerous unofficial duties. Special education teachers are also advocates, coordinators and counselors. They have to counsel and communicate with the parents to guide them on talking and working with their children.

A lot of paperwork is required

Special education teachers must grade assignments and track scores as they teach. IEPs for special education students implies that they are likely to spend much time doing paperwork that tracks student progress. Plans help set and track learning goals and objectives that are appropriate for each student’s needs.

A class must be fun for the kids

Teachers must address the emotional part of learning for students with special needs. They must ensure a good learning experience for the kids. They must make their lessons fun, even if that means being goofy.

There are various students to handle

A great challenge of special education teachers is managing the various students and their capabilities. As an example, a nonverbal child needs a different approach to learning than one with ADHD.

Overall, teaching special education students is hard. Teachers should always remember that the kids are trying their utmost. Even if they think that a kid is lazy or impossible, they have to consider themselves as the main problem solver. They can’t give up.

The good news is that special education teachers get higher pay compared to other preschool teachers. Going by BLS reports the average annual pay for preschool special education tutors was $53,640.1. In contrast, $28,790 was the average annual pay for preschool teachers. There is no doubt that a premium is placed on teaching students with special needs. The TherapyTravelers RBT jobs are proof of this.

The overall demand for teachers isn’t unstable. Except for large-scale changes in government policy, employment prospects should remain steady. The BLS estimates a growth of 8% in occupation for special education teachers for kindergarten to Class 12 by 2026. That is a slight rise on the 7% national average estimated growth in staffing for all occupations. However, the employment growth estimated for preschool special education teachers by 2026 is 11%.

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