How to transform your appearance and personality and become a cool girl?

We all like cool, outgoing girls. They are always talked about. Cool girls are never afraid of experimenting and trying out new things and altering their looks.Do you secretly desire to make all heads turn the moment you step into a room? Want to know the secret tricks applied by cool girls? All you require is a kickass personality, enviable hair, and a stylish wardrobe. Keep reading the article to become the coolest girl in your friend circle. We are going to share with you some expert tips to follow for a complete look and personality transformation. Follow the step-by-step guide below and achieve your dreams.

Get a haircut

Changing your hairstyle is the cheapest yet one of the most effective ways of getting a new look in minutes. So, while posing as a cool girl, select a funky, short hairstyle for yourself and surprise your friends with the brand new look. Getting some highlights done with bold colors can also transform your facial beauty to a great extent.

Buy statement accessory and get a tattoo

A statement accessory, like a pair of front-back earrings, speaks for itself. These types of accessories always make you stand out among hundreds of other women wearing boring jewelry.

Tattoos are quite a fashion these days. Getting tattooed will not only make you look strong and bold. You will also have the confidence that you need. So, it is better to ink something on your skin with which you can relate. A case in point is a flying bird.

Be opinionated

Cool girls never crack silly jokes or rely on boring conversation starters. So, talk naturally, be funny, and have a strong opinion to compel people to talk to you.

Never seek attention

Cool girls do not chase men or seek attention. So, make yourself approachable but never come across as needy. Don't forget that you do not need anybody's validation because you are fantastic.

Wear cool outfits

Overdressing is not for cool girls. When it comes to putting on clothes, comfort should be your priority. So, casuals like ripped jeans and jumpsuits make you look stylish and cool at the same time. Update your wardrobe with cropped dress pants womens and women’s sweatshirts and denim jackets. You’re also going to need over-sized handbags and snickers to compliment your outfit.

Some words before we leave

The bottom line is to remember that you need to be comfortable in whatever dress you wear. Style is mainly about carrying yourself with grace, irrespective of your attire or hairstyle. Positivity, compassion, and courage are all you need to let the world know how cool you are. The conclusion? If you feel excellent about yourself, you are going to attract people.