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Do you think a sound wave can give you mental and physical satisfaction?

Medical science is a blessing to the human race. Every difficult disease is now curable. Innovative therapy and life-saving drugs make human life comfortable. Even the sex life of humans is improving with the help of medical science. Women who are unable to give birth can be the mother of their children. Some alternatives ways of pregnancy are surrogacy, sperm donation, intrauterine insemination, and donation of eggs. New technologies have improved human life. Nothing is impossible for science. Humans are using the innovation of science in their daily life.

What are the health benefits of intercourse?

Sexually active people have a better immunity system. They can protect themselves from viruses and bacteria. Healthy intercourse improves libido functions. Good intercourse is like a physical exercise that improves the pumping capacity of the heart. It can control blood pressure. For men, it can decrease the chance of prostate cancer. After having sex, the prolactin hormone is released, which improves the sleeping order. Healthy intercourse can reduce stress and anxiety.

What do you mean by Erectile dysfunction(ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is a disease in which a man cannot do satisfactory intercourse with his partner due to an erect penis. The male penis is not a bone structure. Continuous blood supply and a proper nervous system are responsible for an erection of the penis. There are various reasons for erectile dysfunction: alcohol consumption, smoking, eating so much junk food, obesity, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

What is the different type of ED?

In the case of partial ed, the inadequate supply of blood to the artery can cause a partial erection. In the case of situational ed, a man can reach an erection for a short period. In the case of primary ed, a man can not do intercourse due to a damaged penis. Sometimes a man used to have intercourse in the past but unable to do the same in the present day. To treat these problems, medical science is improving every day. New therapy and treatment have started to cure these problems.

What do you mean by shock wave therapy?

Shock wave therapy is mainly used in treating kidney stones and osteoporosis. At present, shock wave therapy can treat ed. shock wave therapy increases the blood flow in the male penis. The low-intensity sound wave passes through the tissue of the organ and cleans the plaque from the blood vessel. In that place, new blood vessels are grown. This erectile dysfunction treatment is famous throughout the globe.

Science is doing its best to satisfy humans. Science can cure human problems with new technology. Scientists are trying to develop new techniques to make human life comfortable.

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