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4 Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Safe Gym

If you own a gym, you know how important it is to maintain a high level of hygiene. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment is vital for preventing the spread of infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria. Maintaining a clean environment is important for ensuring your gym stays in business for the long term.

The following are some tips to help you maintain a clean and safe gym.

1. Develop a cleaning strategy

It is important to have a solid plan for cleaning and disinfecting your gym. Developing a plan and writing it down will provide guidance for your employees.

Consider including elements such as cleaning and disinfecting equipment after every use, providing a schedule for cleaning equipment and the facility as a whole, and disinfecting high-contact surfaces such as doorknobs.

2. Stock up on cleaning and disinfection supplies

Ensure that staff and clients have what they need to maintain a clean and safe space. Stock up on cleaning and disinfection supplies. For example, purchase hand sanitizer wipes ensure clients and employees have wipes on hand to disinfect their hands and gym equipment.

Buying supplies in bulk will not only ensure you have what you need but also help to save you money.

3. Train staff

Ensure your employees are trained on cleaning and disinfecting protocols. This training should include all staff and not just cleaning staff. Everyone working in your facility should understand proper cleaning and disinfection procedures. They should also understand the importance of these procedures.

4. Communicate to clients

Communicate your cleaning and disinfection procedures to clients. Place disinfection supplies in areas that are easily accessible to clients and provide them with information on how to use them and the importance of disinfecting. For example, place hand sanitizing wipes at the reception where clients can disinfect their hands before using any equipment.

Use the tips above to maintain a clean and safe environment in your gym.

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